escape your limiting beliefs

A loss of confidence is deeply connected to our limiting beliefs.  Those negative thoughts which make us feel overwhelmed with anxiety, self doubt, sadness and countless other uncomfortable emotions.

Using the EFT Tapping technique we will work together to clear the emotional blocks, clear your limiting beliefs and get you to a place of confidence.

Learning this life changing technique will keep you on track for the rest of your life.

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transform with tapping 

Get to the place of confidence you strive for by working with me and learning a technique that will enable you to escape your limiting beliefs and keep your confidence on track for the rest of your life.

Through the EFT Tapping technique you will be released from overwhelming thoughts and limiting beliefs, giving you the key to confidence enabling you to live your life to the fullest.



‘I’m a failure and I feel worthless


Do you feel like you are not achieving and find yourself constantly comparing  yourself to others?

Do you feel like you are never going to succeed and don’t deserve to be paid well?

Do you feel like you’re too old and you have nothing valuable to offer?

‘Every day is a struggle’

Are you constantly dealing with fear, anxiety and overwhelm?

Your mind whirring with thoughts of judgement by others?

‘I’m not good enough.’

Do you constantly feel that you are not good enough?

Do you feel that you can never meet expectations?

“Nothing holds me back more than my own insecurities.”


I am here for you.

I use a technique called Tapping, also known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

It is scientifically proven to soothe the nervous system and reduce anxiety by up to 60%.

Negative thoughts and our limiting beliefs keep us stuck and diminish confidence levels. Tapping enables you to turn down the intensity on negative thoughts and emotions allowing confidence to flourish.

It is better to experience it than to have it explained …

Connecting to Confidence

How tapping works



Reducing the intensity of the issue and the emotions connected to it.


Tuning in to the emotional trigger & when the behaviour started.


Reducing the emotional charge to change  behavioural responses. 


Removal of the emotional triggers. Reconnection to confidence

I’m Fiona,

I am an accredited EFT Tapping coach and I use it to achieve life changing transformations for people like you by clearing your limiting beliefs and rebuilding your confidence.

I’ve been there.

I know how it feels. I was emotionally and physically exhausted by the blows life had dealt me. My confidence was at rock bottom before I discovered EFT but when I did, it gave me my life back.

I understand

I know that taking the first step and trying something new can seem impossible when your confidence has been shattered but trust me, you won’t regret it.

Connected to Confidence

Released from Anxiety

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Fiona O’Farrell is accredited by and follows practice according to the professional code of conduct and ethics of EFT international. EFTi is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards of education, training, professional development and professional behaviours of practitioners of EFT.

You are responsible for your own well being and EFT Tapping should be regarded as a complemtary therapy. If in doubt please consult a physician.